新外研版英語必修5Module3:Section 知能演練輕松闖關 - 下載本文

Ⅰ 單句語法填空

1.She failed this English examination again. This is because she sometimes has trouble ____________(pay) attention to her study.


2.The problems ____________(discuss) at the meeting tomorrow are really hard____________(solve).

答案:to be discussed;to solve

3.____________(remind) myself of the past pleasant days, I have some related photos pinned beside my desk.

答案:To remind

4.____________(wait) for the bus for thirty minutes, he lost his patience and felt very anxious.

答案:Having waited 5.Once____________(build), Xiong’an New Area will reduce the burden of Beijing heavily. 答案:built

6.You begin to understand how Chinese speakers have their thoughts ____________(organize), and how they understand things.

答案:organized 7.We’ve had a good start,but next,more work needs ____________(do) to achieve the final success.

答案:to be done/doing

8.The ____________(puzzle) expression on his face suggested that he didn’t understand what I had said.


9.What he said about the accident ____________(prove) completely wrong. 答案:proved

10.The film star wears sunglasses. Therefore, he can go shopping without ____________(recognize).

答案:being recognized Ⅱ 閱讀理解


Yorkshire in England was the setting for two great novels of the 19th century.These were Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre and Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. The youngest sister,Anne,was also a gifted novelist,and her books have the same extraordinary quality as her sisters’.

Their father was Patrick Bronte,born in Ireland.He moved with his wife,Maria Bronte,and their six small children to Haworth in Yorkshire in 1820. Soon after,Mrs Bronte and the two eldest children died, leaving the father to care for the remaining three girls and a boy.

Charlotte was born in 1816. Emily was born in 1818 and Anne in 1820. Their brother Branwell was born in 1817. Left to themselves, the children wrote and told stories and walked over the hills. They grew up largely self-educated. Branwell showed a great interest in drawing.

The girls were determined to earn money for his art education. They took positions as teachers or taught children in their homes.

As children they had all written many stories. Charlotte, as a young girl, alone wrote 22 books, each with 60 to 100 pages of small handwriting. Therefore, they turned to writing for income. By 1847,Charlotte had written The Professor; Emily had written Wuthering Heights; and Anne had written Agnes Grey. After much difficulty Anne and Emily found a publisher, but there was no interest shown in Charlotte’s book. (It was not published until 1859.) However, one publisher expressed an interest in seeing more of her work. Jane Eyre was already started, and she hurriedly finished it. It was accepted at once; thus each of the sisters had a book published in 1847.

Jane Eyre was immediately successful; the other two,however,did not do so well. People did not like Wuthering Heights.They said it was too wild,too animal-like.But gradually it came to

be considered one of the finest novels in the English language. Emily lived only a short while after the publication of the book and Anne died in 1849.

Charlotte published Shirley in 1849,and Villette in 1853.In 1854 she married Arthur Bell Nicholls.But only a year later, she died of tuberculosis(肺結核) as her sisters had.

【解題導語】 本文主要講述了英國女作家夏洛蒂·勃朗特姐妹三人的一生及著作。 1.What did the Bronte sisters want to do for Branwell? A.Help him write stories. B.Help him get trained in art. C.Teach him how to draw well.

D.Teach him how to educate himself.

B 解析:細節理解題。文章第三段倒數第二句“The girls were determined to earn money for his art education.”表明,Bronte姐妹想資助Branwell學習美術。

2.We know from the text that ________. A.Jane Eyre was published in 1847

B.Charlotte Bronte wrote 22 books in all

C.the Bronte sisters received a good education

D.Patrick Bronte helped his daughters with their writings

A 解析:推理判斷題。文章第四段最后兩句話表明,姐妹三個在1847年各出了一本書,而Jane Eyre就是其中之一。因此正確答案為A項。

3.Which of the following was published after the death of its writer? A.Shirley. B.Villette.

C.Agnes Grey. D.The Professor.

D 解析:推理判斷題。由最后一段可知,Charlotte死于1855年。由第四段可知,她的著作The Professor是在1859年出版的。因此正確答案應為D項。

4.What do we know about the Bronte sisters from the text? A.Their novels interested few publishers.

B.None of them had more than two books published. C.None of them lived longer than 40 years old. D.Emily was the least successful of the three.

C 解析:推理判斷題。Charlotte出生于1816年,死于1855年;Emily生于1818年,死于“a short while after the publication of the book”;Anne生于1820年,死于1849年。經計算可知,姐妹三個都沒有活過40歲。

Ⅲ 語法填空

Mr Watson lived with his family in the woods. He owned a farm, which looked almost 1.____________(desert). Fortunately, he also had a cow producing milk every day. He exchanged some of the milk in the towns nearby 2.____________ other food and made cheese and butter for the family with what 3.____________(leave). The cow was their only means of support, in fact. One day, the cow was eating grass 4.____________ it began to rain heavily. While 5.____________(make) great efforts to run away, she fell off the hill and died. Then the Watsons had to make 6.____________ living without the cow. In order to support his family, Mr Watson began to plant herbs and 7.____________(vegetable). Since the plants took a while to grow, he started cutting down trees 8.____________(sell) the wood. Thinking about his children’s clothes, he started growing cotton too. When harvest came around, he was already selling herbs, vegetables and cotton in the market where people from the towns met 9.____________(regular). Now it occurred to 10.____________ that his farm had much potential and that the death of the cow was a bit of luck.

【解題導語】 人的一生有喜有憂,故事中的農夫全家都依靠奶牛生活,當這個生活的全部來源消失后,農夫開始了自力更生的生活,反而獲得了新的生機。

1.deserted 解析:考查詞形轉換。由空前的looked可知,空處應用形容詞作表語。deserted意為“被遺棄的”。

2.for 解析:考查介詞。exchange...for...意為“用……兌換……”,為固定搭配。 3.was left 解析:考查動詞的時態和語態。根據語境可知,此處表示發生在過去的事情,應用一般過去時;且此處表示“被剩下”,故填was left。

4.when 解析:考查連詞。分析句子結構可知,此處為be doing...when...句型,意為“正在做……這時(突然)……”。

5.making 解析:考查狀語從句的省略。分析句子結構可知,在本句中,While引導的狀語從句的主語與主句的主語一致,且從句謂語含有be動詞的某種形式,故可將從句主語和be動詞省略,將其補充完整為:While she was making great efforts to run away。

6.a 解析:考查冠詞。make a living意為“謀生”,為固定搭配,故填a。 7.vegetables 解析:考查名詞復數。vegetable表示“蔬菜”時為可數名詞,且其前沒有限定詞,故用復數形式。

8.to sell 解析:考查非謂語動詞。根據語境可知,空處表示目的,故用動詞不定式作目的狀語。

9.regularly 解析:考查詞形轉換。空處修飾動詞met,故應用副詞。

10.him 解析:考查代詞。it occurred to sb.that...表示“某人想到……”,為固定句型,又根據語境可知此處應用第三人稱him。

Ⅳ 短文改錯

(2019·河北衡水安平中學高二月考)Dear students, good news for you! A blog will be opening on the website of our school, that aims to help students to communicate better and improve your English. The blog serves as open platform where you can do lots of things. Firstly, you can share with efficient learning experience to promote your English study. Secondly, if you had any questions, welcome to post them. And you will possible find proper solutions with the help of our schoolmates. In addition, attracting by interesting topics, you are free to get involved in the weekly discussion.

Surely the blog will be very benefit to your English study. And every one of you are encouraged to visit it.


Dear students, good news for you! A blog will be


on the website of our school,



aims to help students to communicate better and improve your English. The blog serves as which

∧ open platform where you can do lots of things. Firstly, you can share with efficient learning an

experience to promote your English study. Secondly, if you them. And you will addition,


any questions, welcome to post have


find proper solutions with the help of schoolmates. In



by interesting topics, you are free to get involved in the weekly discussion.



to your English study.And every one of you


Surely the blog will be very encouraged to visit it.

Ⅴ 書面表達


1.電影簡介; 2.推薦的原因。



________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ One possible version: Dear Andy,

I am glad to recommend the film Net Mother to you. It is set in a time when a great many of youngsters are addicted to the Internet. The film tells a story about an adolescent girl who gets burnt all over her body, so that she can’t go back to school. However, she doesn’t give up but learns self-improvement with her mother’s help. As time goes by, she learns to surf the Internet, through which she helps many cyber-addicts return home or go back to their school. So many

families with trouble-making children does she save that she is called the Net Mother.

This film focuses on social reality, which is not only close to our life but also instructive to both parents and children.

I hope you will love it.

Yours, Li Hua